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Welcome, friend.

I am Jose Marie Ojeda, or Jomz. I am a writer and a graphic artist based in Naga City, Philippines.

Making creative works has always been my passion. It is fun and enjoyable to do. I made this site as a personal portfolio to showcase what I have done. I have been drawing since I was a kid. I was greatly influenced by my friends and even though I appreciate Anime as an art medium, it does not mean I can’t draw Realism. Well, I can’t draw it that well, yet…

I got the name Mauru’s Realm from watching Japanese anime (maru), and since my first name got two names, I made my pen name to J. Mauru by cutting the first name to a letter. But I am better known as Jomz.

Not only am I into arts, since I have taken up a business course,  I am also into business…  I am currently building my own business, geared toward content design and social media marketing.

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