Like getting my crutches broken

I’m an artist.  I like to express myself through visual art. I like to draw and sketch and those related stuff.

However, as time went by and responsibility piled up, my time to be able to sit down quietly and draw for hours disappeared.  It’s frustrating.

Thankfully, digital photography came in.

I was revitalized.  I started to view the world differently – what would be a good framing for a photograph, what subject would be nice – I even learned how to guide a model to pose.

Unfortunately, the long-time family camera which has served us for years broken down a few days ago.  It deletes everything in the memory card if you let it run idle.

What’s even more frustrating is that a new camera is not in my budget for this year. I’m really feeling frustrated about it.

Darn it all.

Sorry about the rant.

Use it or lose it

Image taken from Google Search

I haven’t designed a decent web page in a while, and although I can still whip up a few good designs, I have gotten rusty on the coding that is needed to make it work.

I used to design a page using tables and images, however, the standards on web design require the use of Cascading Style Sheets, or CSS.

Frankly, I wasn’t very good at it for layouts.  I used to create CSS codes with cheat sheets. I couldn’t type up a decent page without the needed elemental codes.  Well, looking back on it, isn’t that how we learn?

Anyway, the most that I could go with CSS was to give hyperlinks those nifty hover effects, or at least modify font colors.

Imagine my hardship from shifting my perspective from table layouts to one that uses CSS.  It was a lot of hard work.

A year ago, I was able to modify/create the theme that I am using for the website with the wordpress system.  It was hell, and a ton of trial and error.

I barely did anything to the CSS because there were a lot of declared definitions that I could barely understood where it went.  I did a ton of nitpicking…

Anyway, I managed to practice a CSS-designed page today, and my earlier frustration at not getting what I wanted was somehow forgotten when I got a desirable result.  Though it ain’t perfect, at least I’m practicing my skill.

Use it or lose it, so they say.

See you around.