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Buried in SpamBuried in Spam

Spam, spam, spamity spam! Hello everyone.  I haven't been on my own site in years! Goodness. Talk about neglect,... »

Like getting my crutches brokenLike getting my crutches broken

I'm an artist.  I like to express myself through visual art. I like to draw and sketch and those related stuff. However, as... »

Facebook Photo Uploading ProblemFacebook Photo Uploading Problem

Early this week I took a bunch of photos with 8-mega pixel resolution, processed them and after tweaking the colors and stuff,... »

That was one exhausting arcThat was one exhausting arc

Generally, I’m not very bothered by filler arcs. It’s not a bad way of seeing more of the characters, right? So what if it... »

Use it or lose itUse it or lose it

I haven't designed a decent web page in a while, and although I can still whip up a few good designs, I have gotten rusty... »