Hello, I am Jomz, the Developer of this site - Mauru's Realm. Location: Philippines Interests: various stuff Hobbies: Drawing, Web Design and Development, Graphic Design

Like getting my crutches broken

Like getting my crutches broken

I’m an artist.  I like to express myself through visual art. I like to draw and sketch and those related stuff. However, as time went by and responsibility piled up, my time to be able to sit down quietly and draw for hours disappeared.  It’s frustrating. Thankfully, digital photography came in. I was revitalized.  I […]

Use it or lose it

I haven’t designed a decent web page in a while, and although I can still whip up a few good designs, I have gotten rusty on the coding that is needed to make it work. I used to design a page using tables and images, however, the standards on web design require the use of […]