Busy (and talk on photography)

Hey everyone. I understand that I haven’t posted anything in a while… Those who subscribed to our Facebook page, though, have been receiving random posts on tutorials and other interesting stuff that I have found.

Life has been a bit busy on my part, and handling them has taken its toll on me.  I feel very exhausted – unfortunately, rest won’t come easy for me…  Ah, what a man must do for a living, eh?

My greatest stress these past few weeks is the transportation to and from work.  I have a big distance to travel, and I have been late a lot.  Most of the time, it is the bus’ fault, being very slow, even though I arrive early or on time at the bus stop.

I have been doing random experiments with photography.  When a seminar was sponsored by our company, I volunteered to do photographs, aside from being tech-support for the projector and operator of the presentations.

I had fun with the cybershot.  I was able to capture good portrait shots.  A co-worker commented that the difference with the photographers can be seen with the photos.  I was able to get clear shots.

Well, clear shots was not just my objective.  I wanted to take “interesting” shots that will document the event, and tell a story.  Getting shots with the right timing was luck.  Sometimes, I would wait for a few minutes, observe the one talking, and wait for the right moment and shoot.  At the same time, I am hoping that my timing is right.

Thank God for digital photography, eh?  You can get results immediately.

I’ll try and get a hold of the photos and share some.. maybe in facebook… But if you don’t have an account, I guess you’ll have to wait a bit longer.

Well, see you later

By the way, I feel very envious of this cat here, whose photo I found via Google. ..

Sleep tight, kitty cat.

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